Expanding words into text

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a project, for which I need to expand a series of single, related words into a detailed definition of a medical condition.

So basically using trigger words to extract something as close to an official definition as possible.

However a base varriant of davinci only outputs short and simple sentences, far from the depth and detail of the full definition. (See below)


Explain the von willebrand factor, including the following words: Glycoprotein, Blood platelet, Endothel, Platelet Adhesion, Faktor 8, von Willebrand Disease. The explanation should be technical, long and in great detail.


Von Willebrand factor is a glycoprotein that is essential for blood clotting. It is found in blood plasma and on the surface of blood cells called platelets. Von Willebrand factor helps blood clot by allowing platelets to stick to each other and to damaged blood vessel walls. Without von Willebrand factor, blood would not be able to clot properly and bleeding would occur.

Von Willebrand factor is also known as factor VIII. von Willebrand disease is a disorder that occurs when von Willebrand factor is either missing or does not work properly. This can lead to excessive bleeding.

Desired output

Oligomeric glycoprotein that occurs subendothelially and in  and in platelets; mediates the adhesion of platelets to the injured vascular endothelium and protects Factor VIII of blood clotting from coagulation from premature proteolysis;  severe deficiency thus leads to factor VIII-deficiency and disorders of secondary  hemostasis (see also von Willebrand-Jürgen syndrome)."

Has anyone ever tried anything similar or has any idea how to approach a problem like this?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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