Expand a sentence into a paragraph

Following is a prompt for expanding a sentence into a paragraph of more detailed text. Useful for generating a piece of fiction - for testing purposes.
The engine gets conditioned by supplying a couple of examples. Summarizing of example paragraph text is done by ‘davinci-instruct’ (same as ELI5); then the task is “reversed” with ‘davinci’ engine.
I assume You are familiar with the knobs by now. If not, comment for hyperparameters.

The Expand Prompt:
(‘davinci’ engine)

text: Accused Florida deputy denies planting drugs in stopped cars.
prompt: Expand the text in more detail.
result: The deputy stopped a blue van for a traffic violation, saying he saw the 19-year-old driver throw an object out the window. At one point, the passenger began arguing with the officer and tried to get out of the car. That’s when, according to the account the deputy provided investigators, he saw the driver’s hand moving underneath his seat and “going under his butt.” A search turned up 28 grams of marijuana in a compartment that had been installed by the former owner of the vehicle, according to authorities.
text: Movie theaters receive more restrictions on salted popcorn distribution.
prompt: Expand the text in more detail.