Eval merged for gpt-4 access and then OpenAI team goes radio silent

I submitted an Eval a few weeks back to get access to gpt-4. OpenAI team merged it and asked for my email to enable gpt-4 access and then went radio silent (PR 1002). Has anyone else had a similar experience? Any pointers to get this API access enabled?

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I’ve made lots of support tickets with OpenAI and my experience is that they sometimes respond after very long time, or sometimes don’t respond at all because they are busy. So you simply need to wait, or send a follow up, or send an email to support@openai.com, if you haven’t already.


Thanks. Submitted the email. Are folks aware of any good alternatives that are safe for commercial use? If this is the developer experience they want to provide (even after building and submitting Evals), might be a good idea to build with someone who cares about their developer community.

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I’ve posted an eval as well, but more for the fun of it rather than for GPT-4 access. They stated not everyone will immediately have GPT-4 access, and not every eval will also mean the requester will get GPT-4 access.

That said, in my case, I eventually checked my Playground and saw I had GPT-4 access almost a week after my PR was merged, so, just hang in there!

Also, do make sure your registered email on Github and pushed your PR with is the same you’ve registered your OpenAI account with.

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