Error when trying to use the new alias gpt-4-turbo-preview

So I have one question that I haven’t been able to get answered by crawling the forums. Do I have to create a new API-key to access the gpt-4-turbo-preview alias referring to the latest data cut 0125?

I have funds, I am tier 1 but I am getting this error when using the alias

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That looks like a tiktoken error. What libraries/frameworks are you using? It looks like they haven’t been updated yet.

you can check on the playground if the model works for you:

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You do, as @Diet mentioned above you do have a tiktoken error, but it will still not work unless you swap API keys.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m using a telegram bot made by n3d1117 on github…couldn’t post the link.

I’ll try to swap the API keys and see if that works
Also: I could use it in the playground

Yuppers. You’ll have to use the encoding, not the model name, which is now the same for all models.

A quickie that doesn’t care about your model name…

import tiktoken

def token_count(string_list):
    total = 0
    tik = tiktoken.get_encoding("cl100k_base")
    for i_str in string_list:
        total += len(tik.encode(i_str))
    return total

that’s a good fallback. but I’d like to access the current data and optimizations. i’ve updated tiktoken and openai. it’s still saying that the data its using is from april 2023

Fortunately, you can click here and see that is absolutely correct:

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What makes you think I use AI for celebrity gossip?

Thank you for the useful link! I fixed the error btw

That is just a typical use or expectation seen by an AI novice. Give it to your mom, she doesn’t want to see it amazingly complete code, or write documentation out of nothing. She asks for the weather and is unimpressed.


lmfao. anyways mate, i’m here to learn. but as always, someone makes you look like an idiot on an internet forum :smiley: . talking about my mom…

I don’t think it was meant in a rude way.