Error uploading file to retrieval

I’m testing retrieval in the Playground for the new Assistant API. I uploaded a 51MB file (JSON). When pressing save, I’m getting the following:

Failed to update assistant: UserError: Failed to index file: Error extracting text from file file-[redacted], detail: File contains too may tokens. Max allowed tokens per file is 2000000.

Is there such limits on tokens in files? Can’t find it documented, only seeing the 512MB file limit



DDoS attack. They’re working on it.

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I get the same message when uploading a textfile with information in GEDCOM-format (it’s about heritage-tree-data). It has 12 MB.


Did you know wich Tier you are ?

2M tokens is quite a lot

I’m getting the same message. I was able to upload the file (.txt) via the API, but I can’t use it to create an assistant. I’m on tier one.