Error "Incorrect API key provided" when using DALL·E on the website

Mesmo erro aqui time!!!

Hello everyone seems we all have the same issue, thought I was doing something wrong. I generated an API key but that did not solve anything.

I also have that problem right now, even on ChatGPT

I filed a ticket on this awhile ago with support and haven’t heard anything. Have others?

This prompt never get away for me :frowning:

I’m seeing the same error and it only occurs when using DALL-E. Apps like ChatGPT still work fine.

I’m on a Windows machine and I have tried logging out / in, using Chromium browsers, and using Firefox to no avail.

Incorrect API key provided: sess-YDC... You can find your API key at

Console log on producing the error:

Edit Issue has fixed itself after around an hour or two

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Im getting the same error

same error with dall E

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Same issue here. Using the python API and getting the error:

openai.error.AuthenticationError: Incorrect API key provided: sk-j0JGS***************************************AGNb. You can find your API key at

Tried generating 3 keys, both as environment variables and using the library directly with openai.api_key=<KEY>

same issue with gpt3, tried multiple accounts

Same. Just here to see if there is a fix.

I’m having the same problem on the GPT-3 playground

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Same problem with GPT-3.
Two different accounts, both use google oauth

Same problem with GPT-3 from python script

Same problem here with Playground GPT-3 and Dall-E… in web version

It doesn’t matter if you created the account by authenticating with Google or Microsoft/Github, and even if it is an email registration, everyone is receiving the same error in Playground GPT-3 and Dall-E, the only one without that error is ChatGPT, at least for me.

Same issue here, generated API key works on scripts but cannot use Playground GPT-3 via web (authenticating by Google oauth)
Edit: logging off and on again didnt work, not even clearing cookies/cache or using another browser.

Just to copy that, we’re having the exact same issue on both playground and DALL-E. None of the advice here has worked, we’ve been trying for hours.

i have the same problem and refreshing and clearing cash did not solve it

mine seems to have resolved- good luck!