"Error in moderation / error generating a response" [edit: major service outage Feb 14]

Same problem with error in moderation with me too, repeatedly. I’m using a custom prompt basically telling it to answer my questions in a straightforward, and asking it basic program questions like how to turn a python function into a context wrapper for example, and I’m repeatedly getting moderation errors


I’m also having repeated network and 500 errors on playground.

I have the same problem.
I am also unable to upload files.

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That error showed up once. Tried to regenerate a response and it worked. But yeah, there are open issues at the moment, just checked the OpenAi status.

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Same problem here.

For the record, I got a bit concerned because I thought my Custom GPT (used for writing fiction) was being flagged because it was writing dialogue for a character who was a medical doctor; but it turns out it’s just a general outage…


Поломалось пацаны, ждем когда починят.


at least im not the only one experiencing it right now

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Same here, it’s been doing that for the last hour now. on 3.5 and 4.

Getting the same “Error in Moderation” message on 3.5 and 4. I couldn’t even log in yesterday.

Yes, I have been experiencing this all morning.

Same error, the first one was a network error and now it’s “error in moderation”, any news ?

Same here. Been experiencing the issue for the past hour.

same issue reported here.

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is it gemini gives you the option to upload the pics?

I can confirm, I am having the same issue here. It’s been going on for a few hours.

Same error here. Started approx 40 mins ago. Happens in old and new chats with GPT4

Same for me, got that error few times this morning with GPT4

API works fine, btw. Testing in chatbox right now.

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Was it only today or from yesterday?
i need it hahaha

Five people responding at once.

Multiple alerts on the service status page and even platform.openai.com has a new black bar about the outage.

Here’s it going down.