Error in gpt 4o .apk 88eb20605846baad-ZRH GPT

I using GPT application on my Galaxy s23 ultra, and running free trial of GPT 4o what giving some free requests per day. All the time when i getting to generate some files, pictures, pdf, i getting errors during downloading file, or opening link what generated by chat.
Today i try to create logo for my company, and got this error when press on the link for download: 88eb20605846baad-ZRH

Well, options looks really cool, but at the moment i see no options to buy subscribtion, because mein request of main is not working.
If you can help me to solve it, and i will see real results, i will be happy to buy full version of GPT 4o.

Thank you a lot!

Best Regards,
Illia Linnik.