"Error creating image" when using second generation ID

I created an image and then asking for the generation ID the app returns something like {sLyw2CKk1g1IUdrW}.

Then I use {Lyw2CKk1g1IUdrW} to edit the image, and that works always fine.

Now, if I ask for the generation ID for the last modified image to go ahead editing I get always : Error creating image

Since yesterday I get this error.

Kindly Martin

It sounds like you are using ChatGPT, the only place where such internal gen_id is employed, so I’ll recategorize.

The internal image id does not need to be specifically referenced or re-typed. The AI already has instructions to reuse it if you instruct to modify or continue building based on a previous image. You can simply say “I like that image, so we’ll continue using that reference as a point for more image creation tweaks…”

The ability to continue based on a previous image seed source is only within a single ChatGPT session. Although I haven’t given it the ultimate testing, it is also possible that this is an internal state that expires.

Telling the AI how to write tools is a good way to have the AI write tools incorrectly.