Error: "An error occurred. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at help."

I am the same way, I can only keep refreshing!

I figured out how ti fix it. According to @mdxwired, its an issue on CloudFlairs end. It seems like it notices something on the WiFi or VPN (Trackers, Bypasses, Etc,). The fix I found was to connect to a private WiFi (Not Starbucks or School WiFi) and turn o Incognito Mode to disable cookies and trackers. Worked after that.

I have gotten this same message every time I enter a prompt, whether long or short, simple or complicated. I’m using Chrome. How can I be notified when the glitch with Chrome is repaired?

If you use kaspersky

Close web anti-virus

Close Network Attack Blocker

I’ve been having this issue since launch. Starting to think it’s the feature and not the bug. Yet they want me to pay $20 a month for stuff that doesn’t work.

(Solved). Same here with me, ChatGPT worked via mobile, but not on any laptop. Kaspersky was the problem in my case. Shutting it down seemed to unlock ChatGPT via Opera browser. So maybe anivirus software is the issue here.

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Works fine on Chrome on Android, doesn’t work on Chrome on PC. This is quite frustrating.

Hello! I experienced the same problem and for my situation, I tried opening this site first:
Introducing ChatGPT then click the “Try ChatGPT” button. For me, it worked well!

P.S. For your information, I’m using the Chrome browser on laptop.

i have the same problem, i try all what i read in this topic, so the solution i disable Kaspersky and It works.
I thank you all.

For me it worked when I tried with Edge. In Chrome, I was getting this error sometimes, now it is every time I want to get an answer. However, with Edge it is still working fine.

Awesome, thank you. Worked for me once I logged out and then back in again after turning of threat detection.

same herfe, all day i have been loaded chatgpt and it was not responding to bew chats, i just kogging in via edge ok

I was also having issues, maybe you installed antivirus or malware software or any other, that blocks input to web browsers. I removed “Kamo” was the problem, and i was using Chrome. When i quited program from notifications area of system, the problem is gone, and i was able to use chat again without problems.

just use mozila firefox , it worked for me !!

Somehow, Firefox works for me, but not Edge\Google\Brave

For me, uninstalling Nord VPN helped. As someone said previously, nord messes up with chatgpt, because we are being classified as a bot. I totally dont know why it is so, because i have an another vpn on my pc with which chatgpt works fine. If you dont want to uninstall the whole nord vpn maybe try turning off some settings or totally disabling it while using chat gpt.
I hope I helped someone,

and by the way if you are a student using chatgpt, I really recommend you to be careful cuz turnitin (plagiarism detecting program) introduced AI detector, so watch out.

Mozila Firefox didn’t work :smiling_face_with_tear:
I’ve tried vpn, browser cookies cleared
None of the above is working.
Could someone help me?

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Same issue here, got any body a good solution ?
Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at

If you have NordVPN, navigate to “Threat Protection” (the little shield) and turn off Web Protection.
If it still persists, navigate to Connection and change VPN Protocol to OpenVPN. Failing that as well, just exit NordVPN.

If you have a different VPN or web-based security overlay, I’d wager it’s something similar to Nord’s Web Protection, that should get it to work again.

Im getting error occurred often. can you kindly hep