Error: "An error occurred. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at help."

For me it helped to delete all my confersations. After I did that ChatGPT worked again :slight_smile:

Same error massage , never worked from my company PC !

I disabled ublock origin and now it works again for me. Also tried loging in and out again, clearing history etc. But for now ublock seems to be the issue in google chrome on windows

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I guess openAI is not so AI at all… :sweat_smile:

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I am having the same issue, regardless of which browser I use.

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I think is it because you are doing chat from work pc, i guess chat GPT only allows a certen amount of req. fra the same IP and when working from work PC a lot of people have the same IP seen from outside? Could that be the case?

In every case i had this error it was working fine from private mobile :slight_smile:

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the issue could be nord vpn, turn off threat protection and it works


this happen to me and i solved it by deleting all the active chats and cleared the site cookies and after that it worked fine

clearing the cache worked for me

THIS IS THEIR EXCUSE LOL!!! We’re experiencing exceptionally high demand. Please hang tight as we work on scaling our systems.

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[Fixed] I encountered the same issue for several days and eventually discovered the cause. It seems that my VPN software was causing Cloudflare to classify me as a bot, even when I was not using a VPN. The only solution that worked was completely shutting down and quitting the VPN app on my computer. This immediately resolved the ChatGPT3 problem.

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Interesting, i am @work and not using VPN now and I have the same issue, even though its working fine from mobile…

Agree with you, looks like Office VPN isn’t allowing work on office workstation until we turn off the VPN

I’d check if there is a software that uses a VPN installed on your machine even if not being used.

Surely the issue is being caused by a simple influx of users.

If anyone has access to demographic information, would be interesting to know where the users are concentrated primarily.

The reason mine stopped working was because of my Nord VPN. Turn off Threat protection

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the same happened to myself? do we know if there will be any progress?

same issue, solved as soon as I disconnected VPN

same here, worked ok from my phone but not from my PC. Turning off Threat Protection in NordVPN solved the issue, I didn’t use VPN at the moment but apparently, Threat Protection works even when you’re not using the VPN itself

same issue, even I dont use VPN, I have tried on Edge but I see same error. Please help me :frowning: