Enum - a ChatGPT-powered tool to learn, research, and support your users (soon)

Hi, community,
after long experiments and bug fixing, I finally launched this project. https://enumhq.com

The idea is to provide a simple way to load multiple data sources, extract text and be able to ask questions on them. I started with plain text (copy-paste), PDF files, and websites.

Free indexing up to 200 pages.

Useful for students, explorers, and businesses that would like to provide great support when they are OOO (not implemented yet :laughing:)

I’m eager to hear your opinion. Do you find it useful? What to improve in the first place?

NB You can use your own OpenAI key and ask unlimited questions. All keys are stored in our database encrypted.


My only question (and it’s the same question I have for all of these types of services):

How do you handle parsing PDFs which contain typeset equations (both inline and blocks) and use LaTeX packages like algorithm2e to typeset algorithms?

Because, for people (like me) who are only interested in highly technical journal articles where all of the important bits are locked in equations and algorithms every single “chat with your documents” service I’ve seen badly bungles this.

If you can demonstrate high-quality/high-reliability parsing of these elements, you might have something I (and countless others like me) would be interested in.

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Thanks a lot for your question. Actually, I’m very interested in implementing such functionality. I’d love to look at the example PDF filled with equations and formulas printed in any format to see how I can recognize and index them. If you wouldn’t mind, can you please send me them at info@enumhq.com ?
Can you please also give me an example question you’d ask on such documents?
Thanks again.

Tonight or tomorrow I’ll be able to gather a couple of example documents and I’ll sent them your way.

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Hi, I am still waiting for the file examples. Maybe you can point me to where I can find them and how to distinguish when a file contains LaTeX blocks?

Meanwhile, we implemented the rendering normal formulas and equations that can be part of the answer: