Enhancements for a Transparent Information Retrieval Experience with GPT-4.0

In the evolution of AI systems, transparency and reliability are crucial elements for effective interaction with users. With the advent of GPT-4.0 and similar models, I propose three significant enhancements to ensure a transparent and reliable experience in information retrieval:

  1. Persistent Information Retrieval Status:
    While GPT-4.0 currently provides a pop-up indicator during information retrieval, I propose a refinement to this feature. Instead of temporary pop-ups, the indicator should be persistent, appearing prominently within the interface. Additionally, each message within the conversation should clearly indicate whether the model has searched for additional information or relied solely on internal knowledge. This persistent status update ensures users are consistently aware of the source of information provided by the model, enhancing transparency and trust in the system.
  2. Conversation Review Button:
    In addition to the existing functionality for reporting conversations based on their quality, I propose implementing an additional button that allows users to submit the entire conversation for review by the development team. This functionality would not be limited solely to identifying low-quality interactions but would also serve as a channel for collecting data on the model's performance in various situations and identifying areas for improvement. By allowing users to submit complete conversations for review, closer collaboration between developers and the user community is fostered, leading to continuous improvements in the model's quality and reliability.
  3. Automatic Conversation Unlock Button:
    When a conversation stalls or becomes stuck during interaction with GPT-4.0, it is essential to maintain a humble attitude and be open to considering new perspectives and solutions. Therefore, I propose implementing an "Automatic Conversation Unlock" button. This button would allow users to unlock stalled conversations quickly and efficiently. Recognizing that there is always the possibility of superior ideas, this function would serve as a temporary first step or even as a provisional solution while exploring other, more effective options. The key feature of this button is its ability to extract the conversation's context and generate a new prompt from scratch. By offering a straightforward way to summarize the conversation and send it as a new prompt to the GPT-4.0 model, users could restart the interaction seamlessly. While this solution might be considered a temporary measure, and better ideas will overcome, but its easy to implement and usefull.

These proposals aim to enhance transparency, reliability, and collaboration in interaction with GPT-4.0, resulting in a more enriching and satisfactory experience for users.

Pd: I'm spannish, and this post is redacted and translated by chatgpt 3.5

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