Enhancement Suggestion: Dynamic Thread Settings for Continuity

Dear OpenAI Development Team,

I propose a user interface enhancement for ChatGPT that aims to foster continuity in user interactions, particularly when transitioning between different models or managing plugins within a thread. The current design presents challenges that disrupt the continuity of user engagement whenever a new model version is released or when plugin adjustments are necessary.

Current UX Challenges:

  1. Model Updates:
    On the release of a new ChatGPT version, users engaged in ongoing threads are compelled to start anew to leverage the updated model, thereby losing the valuable context accumulated in the existing threads.
  2. Plugin Management:
    In scenarios where plugins in use fail, or better or more relevant plugins become available, users are required to initiate new threads to incorporate these changes, disrupting the continuity of the conversation.

Proposed Design Modification:
Introduce a Dynamic Thread Settings Panel for each thread, enabling users to:

  • Switch between different ChatGPT models, preserving the continuity of the thread’s contextual information.
  • Enable or disable plugins as the conversation evolves and the task requirements change, without disrupting the continuity of engagement.

Expected Outcome:
The proposed modification aims to provide a more seamless, continuous user experience. Users can smoothly transition between different versions of ChatGPT or modify plugin settings as the conversation progresses, ensuring continuity in the interaction and preservation of context and progress within the thread.

For Concideration:
I believe that the proposed design modification aligns with the ongoing efforts to enhance the functionality and user-centricity of ChatGPT. I am hopeful that this suggestion will be considered for implementation in future updates to better cater to the evolving needs and expectations of the users. Thank you for your time and consideration!


Roarke Clinton
roarkeclinton .com