Engineering in 61 seconds (60 was taken) aha & haha

GONE IN 61 seconds (60 was taken) Build a bike frame in 61 seconds or less. A lite chat, a little codex, some davinci, and voila an AI powered bike builder. Parametric AI modeling for RL and beyond.

300 lines of scad code to create the following user tweakable tool:

Build a Bike in 61 Seconds or less…


all you need is a welder = (may require more than just a welder)
the fits a good = (you can see them on the screen) = welder = (that’s just a screen!)
tube cut profiles included = (see above(you can see them on the screen)) = welder = (that’s just a screen!)

working on evolving aha(the moment of AI aha cool) and haha(welder) design and engineering

Awesome tools OpenAI


haha. Nice! Love it.

actually takes less than one second to generate geometry

still adding parts atm
got one for aircraft fuselages and one for race car frames, etc