Enable more than 3 plugins?

(Question out of curiosity, no immediate support needed)

It seems that a max of 3 plugins can be enabled at the same time, and users have to manually select the plugins.

Is there a plan to have all installed plugin enabled for users by default? Or dynamically select plugins based on context?

As an aside - would love a public roadmap to track/add feature requests :smiley:

I am sure they will be rolling out ability to activate more than 3 plugins. The main reason to limit it to 3 seems to be level of complexity it can create. From example Zappier itself does role of multiple plugins so I found that it gets confused most of the times when I am using another plugin with another similar function that zappier actions can do.
In that case I need to explicitly tell which plugin to use.

The issue right now is that the context length makes this not possible, you can’t enable them all in the current setup. Who knows what the future holds though!


I am just disappointed that OpenAI does not state “MAX 3 enabled plugins” limitation upfront BEFORE people sign up & pay for GPT Plus.
As for the too many plugins confusion argument ?, just including “use x plugin” at the start one’s prompt appears to work reliability.
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