Embed ChatGPT in a Back-Office for free?


I would like to integrate a ChatGPT bot in my no-profit organization back-office.

It’s seems to be via a openai.min.js file, but i don’t find it anywhere.

OpenAI blocking this ? for paid members only ? We can’t pay for this.

Hope to read you soon,


No one here can help you.

There is no free API, why would you expect there to be?

That’s crazy-talk.

Saying it in a nice way is also good…
I’ve been managing entities on a voluntary basis for over 30 years, thank you for saying that’s stupid.

So I ask my question again, please respond if you have an answer to the problem and not a socio-cultural one:

ChatGPT gives me a code to embed on the back office of my voluntary association. How do I find this openai.min.js file which no longer seems to be found?

ChatGPT cannot be proxied by even the more resourceful. That was not the case for the first half of the year.
ChatGPT will also just make stuff up that sounds like probable text. It is appropriate that my custom instructions that auto-select an AI personality decided on “humorbot” for this farce: