Email to Bio - I built a free tool to return bio from an email address

Email to Bio gives you a summary of a person just from their email address.

It’s free, no-sign in

Perfect for:
↳ Seeing who signed up for your newsletter
↳ Getting insights on your app customers
↳ Seeing who is on the Calendar invite with you

:point_right: Here’s the link: Email to Bio

Let me know what you think :smiley:

This is pretty awesome! Would make a great Chrome Extension to automatically give you insight into who is emailing you when you’re reading an email.

From where is it sourcing this data?

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And are you storing the email addresses?

That’s actually a really good idea. I can try hacking it together.

It’s all public information from Google Search results.

Yes, the email and the generated bio are stored in the backend.

It’s awesome. Search on the website first, and then summary the information?