Elevated Bandwidth (Outbound Data Transfer) Consumption

How much bandwidth is your plugin consuming per day? In one week, my plugin (Talk Law Brazil) has consumed 34 GB of Outbound Data Transfer on the replit.com server. The plugin retrieves only a 3k tokens text per request and is not popular. I’m running it in a replit reply, and it’s not deployed, so I can’t see the usage stats. It is almost 5GB of data transfer per day.

I’ve noticed that a significant portion of the bandwidth consumption was due to requests for logo.png. It’s possible that each time someone loads the plugin page in the store, the logo is downloaded from the server. The png file is about 515kb, so I’ve now changed it to a .jpg file, which is only 81kb. I hope this change will help reduce the bandwidth consumption.

Consider also setting the appropriate cache headers if you haven’t done so already: Cache-Control - HTTP | MDN


Thank you very much! I improved the script with appropriate caching, and it drastically reduced the consumption.