Edit button and message history disappeared on the first prompt

Hi, I’m a Plus user.

The edit button for the first message disappeared, but only in the initial prompt. The prompt history in existing posts also disappeared.

Editing prompts is one of the main points that I use to recommend ChatGPT over other LLMs. I find it indespensable, both in terms of iterating on the prompt in general, keeping context, and from an accessibility point of view.

I have ASD and ADHD, and have a hard time expressing myself clearly. Providing the prompts and editing them after ChatGPT replies allows for a tight feedback loop that makes sure I can get the answer I’m looking for.

Regarding the chat histories, ChatGPT often provides useful information even as the initial prompt is being iterated. I used to be able to move through the threads and grab what I needed, but that is also impossible now.

Yes, a change nobody asked for was made early this morning 2023-09-09.

Discussion: ChatGPT's first message Edit button and edited conversation thread control aren't showing up - #8 by _j