Echased chat organization + In-app suggestion/feedback

Implement a folder-based organization system for chats and an in-app feedback/suggestion feature to improve user experience and ease of use.


  1. Folder-Based Organization System for Chats:
    Problem: With many chats, users often have to scroll extensively to find specific conversations. The current search function is not always effective, especially when users cannot remember the exact names of the chats.
    Solution: Introduce a folder system where users can create, name, and manage folders to organize their chats. For instance:
  • Users can create folders for different topics or projects.
  • Chats can be moved into folders through drag-and-drop or a context menu.
  • Allow users to rename and delete folders as needed.


  • Enhanced organization and accessibility of chats.
  • Reduced time and effort to locate specific conversations.
  • A more streamlined and user-friendly interface.
  1. In-App Feedback/Suggestion Feature:
    Problem: Currently, users need to visit the OpenAI website to provide feedback or suggest features, which can be cumbersome and may deter users from sharing valuable insights.

Solution: Integrate an in-app feedback mechanism that allows users to submit feedback or suggestions directly within the app. Key features could include:

  • A dedicated button or menu option for feedback.
  • A simple, intuitive form for users to fill out.
  • Option to categorize feedback (e.g., feature request, bug report, general feedback).
  • Option to include screenshots or other attachments for clarity.


  • Increased user engagement in providing feedback.
  • More immediate and accessible feedback collection.
  • Potential for quicker identification and resolution of issues, leading to a better user experience.

Implementing a folder-based organization system for chats and an in-app feedback mechanism would significantly enhance the user experience by making it easier to manage conversations and provide feedback. This would likely lead to higher user satisfaction and engagement with the app.

By: ChatGPT