Early conversations with chatGTP lost and unretrievable

Hi, I am not sure if this is the right platform but I have to try. I am unable to retrieve my old conversations with chatGPT, i.e. older than about five months old. I have been a premium user since one year, so I am unable to find alot of our early conversations.

If I go to the history on Safari, I try to visit the site from about a year ago, but tried every single advice from google, clearing chache, log back in log back on, etc.

I would be most grateful if anyone can help.

This is likely some problem with the database that holds conversations being corrupted.

I would do a hard refresh in browser, and also employ your browser’s “clear cache” to ensure you are running latest client software with a latest version of your chat history.

I, for example, have one chat that has similar error, and can’t be archived or deleted. I suspect it also is why I can’t “export”.

(Or, some small chance a hacking intruder is in the process of deleting your chats right now, and if you refresh your browser window, more will be gone…)

You can use the help.openai.com “messages” feature in the help bot (icon), and ‘report bug’ or seek account support. If this can be fixed, it would need escalation to a high tier of OpenAI techies.