Dysfunction with chatgpt 3.5

chatgpt 3.5 does not start. takes the question but gets stuck since March 9, 2024
tested several times without results

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Not work for me too, 3.5 but 4 either. I can’t send any message. Yesterday don’t work and today the same. I testeting with differentes brownsers, desconnecting account and nothing

Interesting. It’s working fine for me. Maybe it’s network congestion.

I am facing the same problems from yesterday. Sometimes it works with Edge. Mobile version is working.

thanks for all response. I hope it will be taken into account.

There are several javascript errors that are causing the problem in Chrome.

In Firefox chatgpt is working fine for me

Go into settings, and change your language preference to English.

Observe and report the results.

I cleared the cache of Chrome browser and it worked.

Clearing history also worked for me.