Duplicate Chats for Double Brainpower! 🤯

Hey OpenAI fam! :wave:

So, I’ve been rocking ChatGPT for my projects, and I had this lightbulb moment. What if we could duplicate our chat threads? :rocket:

Imagine you’re brainstorming a project, and you hit message 30 with two killer ideas. Boom! Duplicating that chat would let you explore each idea separately without the brainstorm chaos.


  • Run wild with different ideas at the same time! :rainbow:
  • Easily compare and decide between options. :thinking:
  • Keep discussions tidy when things get complex. :broom:
  • Teamwork: Everyone can chase their own rabbit holes. :rabbit2:

How cool would it be to:

  • Duplicate a chat thread with a click. :arrows_counterclockwise:
  • Jump between the copies seamlessly. :man_walking::walking_woman:
  • Keep the creative juices flowing without any mess. :art:

Use Case:
Picture this – you’re hashing out a game concept, and you’re torn between two epic features. Duplicate the chat, dive into each idea separately, and watch the magic unfold. :sparkles:

What do you say. Let’s chat about it and make brainstorming even more awesome together! :speech_balloon:

This is already possible, even though the implementation is slightly different from what you envision.

When you reach the point where you would like to follow-up with two different conversation paths you first send a message about idea 1.

Then after you got the reply, you go back to the previous message and edit it, now inquiring about idea 2.

In the interface you will see two little arrows that allow you to switch between the different branches of the conversation.

From there you can have several conversations based on the prior input.

Totally get what you mean!

Things can get a bit tangled, especially when branching out more than a couple of messages.
It’s like a brainstorming maze sometimes! :exploding_head:

What do you think would make it even smoother?

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I have been doing it like that for a year now and know exactly what I can follow up on later and what is too confusing.

From experience, creating several conversations out of a single source is almost as confusing.

So, I like your idea but there is some fine-tuning needed.

Edit: in combination with a folder structure that would be great

yes it will be confusing with same name, even after chat’s itself gets an auto generated number or something it will be confusing.

Folder structure idea sound good or duplicated chat gets different color or gets grouped in such a way that it shows that they are grouped from this particular chat.

Something I just remembered:
If you export your conversation history you can clean that a little bit and use it as conversation starter for your other ideas from the point where things get interesting.
Maybe ask GPT 3.5 to shorten the unnecessary parts beforehand.

Doesn’t this takes more time that the idea or thought could get lost.