Downgraded from chatGPT plus

I paid for GPT plus last night and was working fine. Today I have been downgraded back to free yet money has gone out of my account? Please can someone help me


same situation here, money paid, accessed for only once, and back to free again when I logged in next time.
I still have my invoice in the mail, hope someone gonna fix this.

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Happened to me too. Seems like a widespread enough problem that I’m hoping they do something about it in the next few days. If not I’m going to dispute the charge with my bank.


Same here. Paid yesterday and now today it’s asking me to pay again.

Same here.

But now I’m leaning to think this was a bug because their servers are at capacity.

What I am saying is that I’m still Plus, but I saw messages that made me think I’m not.

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