Dont subscribe PLUS , waste of money atm

No history anymore, constant network errors after 80% of generating the answer.

More info : Chat Gpt 4 gives ‘Network Error’ after 80% of generation

Status ( is green but there is still no history and crashes while answering.


edit: I no longer agree. They say 25 messages in 3 hours, but I havent hit that cap in ages (maybe its just because the responses are long and comprehensive, and I take my time writing my own similarly long and comprehensive prompts). And GPT-4 is so incredibly useful.

I still think that Two in-chat model switching and a counter until lockout would be great. If I could give most of my “change this in specific way” or “construct outline in format B” type instructions to 3.5 and reserve 4 for the main questions within one historical context, that’d be super sick. The counter itself would be useful for many, but at this point I just want more metrics so I can improve my own use of the thing, so not just counters but like, timestamps and a way to aggregate messages would be useful. Ideally the analytics would be entirely locally stored and calculated in the browser, but thats probably a pipe dream.


Now I’m gettings constant : “We’re currently processing too many requests. Please try again later.” which is why I paid for PLUS … to no avail.

Status continues green.

Hey, darkr! Were you able to resolve this? I am also facing the same issue.

Looks like just capacity problems. Sometimes service is really degraded. My timezone of use is singapore.