Domain verification and action confirmation

Given that my domain is verified, why can’t I see it in the “By” place?

typically you should be able to select your domain where you blanked it out, next to the web icon.

but it’s possible that it’s currently bugged. I have multiple domains, and while it shows the correct one as “By…”, it shows the wrong one as selected.

It, uh… …requires patience :grimacing:

give it a week or two until they fix it :laughing:

One thing you can try:

try deselecting your name


it’s possible that this will make it display your domain instead

When I deselect my name it just says “community builder”…
Verification still doesn’t work

it’s possible that verification works, but selection is still wonky. In either case, it’s confirmed to be buggy at the moment :confused:

I had this behavior recently, so it’s possible that they’re struggling with their UI configuration management among other things.