Does the OpenAI Extensions Chat Completions API Support Chat Continuation?

I have used the chat completions API and the extensions chat completions API and the results are different, passing the same set of messages?

using the straight chat completions, I can pass a System Message, User, Assistant, User, etc. and get the proper results, but it does not return the citations, or references.

using the extensions chat completions, with the same body, does not honor the system message or any of the history of messages?

Is this expected? How can the extensions API be used to honor the history and system messages?

What is extensions API?

for the bot

This is a question specifically about the API of Azure.

It is certainly unexpected that a simple change of enabling or disabling use of Azure specific data extensions would completely alter the message.

However, this may also depend on the method you are calling, such as with old or new OpenAI API, and the Azure features that have slowly been revived in 1.0+ versions.

You might have to experiment with the small changes to determine where things break, use the with_raw_requests python library method and see the request language transmitted, and then triage with either OpenAI python writers on GitHub or Microsoft support, raise issues when the source is discovered.

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