Does prompt length matters in terms of cost?

Hello All,

My requirement is like I want to generate a beautiful one liner response by just giving a city or country name.

Country : India
Response might be related to
Best place to visit
Best food to eat
Trending or Popular sports
Famous people name or etc…

I tried by giving few lines of prompts, GPT-3 provided best response but It’s not that much accurate. So I want to provide whole needful information about the city or country in a Prompt.

Will this effect anything like late response or cost wise more charges or anything else.

Please let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance

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Thanks for your response @m-a.schenk

Can you suggest to me an optimal way to make my response better for my requirement?


You can use fine-tuning to make it behave how you want better, and / or Search to look over a larger amount of content to make a response with

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