Does OpenAI adjusted CAP?

((You’ve reached the current usage cap for GPT-4, please try again after…)))

Last several interactions with GPT4 while building assistant I got in to cap. First times havn’t checked but after it felt too quickly I double checket our interactions and I have not used even 20 messages. While messages were quite complicated and demanding compute resources it still wasn’t 20 messages. Isn’t the cap 50 messages per 3 hours?

I’m I alone facing this weird cap? Or does OpenAI making tricks and calculates not only messages but compute usage and don’t actually provode on what they giving word ?

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I just got capped at 11 messages. You can’t even finish a full conversation.


Yes, they changed the message cap

I’m not a fan of that… With the shop’s update, it’s not enough
They do it because the infrastructure is expansive
I wish they had a higher personal tier for, like 40$ that will allow 100 messages per 1 hour or something like that

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I want to pay extra for unlimited usage.

That’s what the API is for, but you must pay per use and build your own interface.

I do not use API, but GPT-4. Today, after a long time, I encountered a limit again when using ChatGPT4.

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