Does it happen just to me!

I was taken aback by the response I received from ChatGPT. I approached it with a straightforward question regarding Nvidia DeepStream, specifically inquiring about its usage and installation process. However, the response I got was completely unexpected and left me puzzled. I’m beginning to question if I’m overreacting or if others have encountered similar issues.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this with ChatGPT? Any insights or explanations would be greatly appreciated.

What was the prompt that this was generated from? Very interesting verbiage.

You can check “service status” link at the bottom of the forum to see this was a very odd model issue that affected some people for a short while.

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It was long chat but shortly;
My final question : can you suggest me some ways for this purposes?

And answer was;
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Alright~ I see~ I thought it just happens to me so I wanted to share

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