Does gpt api support webhooks?

The server is using Express JS. When I make a gpt call in express js and gpt gives me an answer, I want to send this to the client in webhook format.

Nope. The closest thing to that is ChatGPT Actions, but they’re not available in the API (assistant functions, but they need to be interpreted by your backend.)

can you help me ?

Express has a post API called /api/data. Information is posted to this API from outside. Then express uses this information to post to gpt and receives a response.

I want to pass this gpt response to a webhook in React.

Do you know how to implement it?

Once again, React does not send post requests to /api/data. /api/data receives requests from external clients.

I don’t think that’s gonna work. React is a front end library, you can’t post stuff directly to a browser.

You’ll have to use SSEs, web sockets, polling, long polling, or something.

Have you asked ChatGPT? It should know all these things (just don’t use it for the OpenAI api lol) :slight_smile:

" React is a front end library, you can’t post stuff directly to a browser." What does it mean? I didn’t quite understand.

A webhook sends a notification to the front desk when an event occurs on the server.

So, when a gpt response is received from express, an event has occurred and this is sent to the front through a webhook. Is this impossible?

No, that’s just the http response. in that original express call (react to your server), there should still be a response handle or something that you can write to. After OpenAI responds to your backend, your backend responds to the frontend request. This is called synchronous communication.

webhooks are for asynchronous communication, and can only really be sent to servers. A website (react) is not a server. There are browser notifications but they’re not really great UX and tbh I don’t really know how these work.

chatgpt made you a little diagram:

    participant ReactFrontend as React Frontend
    participant ExpressBackend as Express Backend
    participant OpenAIAPI as OpenAI API
activate ReactFrontend

    ReactFrontend->>ExpressBackend: HTTP Request
activate ExpressBackend
    Note over ExpressBackend: Process Request

    ExpressBackend->>OpenAIAPI: API Call to OpenAI
activate OpenAIAPI
    Note over OpenAIAPI: Inference Processing

    OpenAIAPI-->>ExpressBackend: Inference Response
deactivate OpenAIAPI
    Note over ExpressBackend: Process Response

    ExpressBackend-->>ReactFrontend: Send Response
deactivate ExpressBackend
    Note over ReactFrontend: Update UI
deactivate ReactFrontend