Does ChatGPT make useless tools, just to make it look like it's expanding its domain coverage a lot?

Today I test AllTrailes from “Explore GPTs”.

I told ChatGPT to show me the routes from my city, or from a region of my country. The first time ChatGPT connected to a website (not very specialized in small countries) from which it took information.

He found 2 routes, the problem is that the routes were 5 years old, and are no longer valid.

Then I told him to show me this year’s routes.

See ChatGPT response:

“I’m sorry, but I cannot provide information about specific contests or events in 2024, including those related to hiking trails. My service focuses on recommendations of hiking trails and outdoor activities based on criteria such as location, difficulty of the trail , length and type of activities. If you have other questions or preferences about hiking trails, I’m here to help you with that information. You can also visit the trails links I recommended to learn more details about they.”

In short, CHATGPT offers old informations, which are already on a website, and is absolutely not capable of providing you with up-to-date concrete information.

I mean, from all over the internet, ChatGPT found only one website that already offers information, and that is outdated. Among the thousands of websites of the same kind, which are much more anchored today.

For example, this website is much more complete, but CHATGPT has not heard of it:

On the other hand, the most important thing is to show the mountain map, if you still want to do a good job with this tool. A map made only by ChatGPT, personalized, taken from the satellite - but at the present time, be it winter or summer. And show me if it’s possible to drive or to walt there, where it’s better to leave the car, where it’s better to put the tent overnight, if there are guesthouses in the area, if there are bears, etc.

If you show me a map that is 5 years old, it’s clear that I don’t need it. Houses were built there in the meantime, the entire forest was cleared, a blueberry plantation was made…

My opinion is that this application is useless.

Don’t create silly applications, just to have something to brag about !