Does ChatGPT has any discount for universities?

Hi dears,

I would like to know if chatGPT has any offer to non-profit universities or not?

Thank you

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This is a forum for software developers who code using the OpenAI API.

You can contact OpenAI sales (the last time I checked), “” or you can contact OpenAI via their help page.



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@diaryrashid77 Thank you for being here. There are several of us in this forum with ideas who are looking for collaborations with developers.

I teach personal and professional development courses for my local university in Tennessee. This is a great question. I’m on an instructor forum and there’s angst with chatGPT. The only guidance I’ve seen so far is academia giving k-12 insights for their students. I wonder how long access will be free to the general population, and academia of all levels will seek access and discounts. Elon Musk at the World Government Summit, when asked about education made statements his thoughts on the future in general. He initially developed open AI.

. UPENN Guidance to K-12

Elon Musk on the Future of Education – World Government Summit Interview

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Hi, this is totally unrelated, but I graduated from Drexel University, class of '97! We’re neighbours:P

How can I get this discount? Because as far as I know right now there is an offer (they told me at the college, but I can’t find it) Until now I used to use sources like but the problem is that there information is repeated, I already read everything, the last one that amazed me was about the black hole, but now I want to take the subscription for GPT, it should give me more information on everything.

You have been misled, there is no discount for university students.