Does anything on ChatGPT actually work

Alright, does this product even actually fucking work. I mean the image function, refuse to generate almost all images except for the most generic like “dog on beach.” It quotes fraudulent copyright laws that nobody follows and makes fanart impossible. I’m not an artist, I’m a writer so having a tool to make images is useful to me. An no, I’m not asking for explicit images, they’re often just character images. But god forbid the term “star wars” is mentioned because then it won’t work…creating work that is essentially a halloween costume.

Websearch, can’t access any sites. Even the basic text version, sucks ass at writing support and information analysis. When I state my corrections, it often ignores it.

Has no means to diagnose errors and the customer service is a complete fucking joke. On top of this they lower the post limit, and the free version is worthless, its even worse than the paid version.

I’m expecting this to be ignored, and if there’s issues with my coarse language, I can’t be bothered to care. I’ve been trying to get an improvement for 4 plus months and it’s only gotten worse. I’m officially pissed

Customer service barely responds and when it does it is generic and useless