Does anyone realize that ChatGPT4 lowers their maximum prompts to only 25/3 hours (it used to be 50/3 hours)?

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It was 50 messages/3 hours, but now it’s 40 messages/3 hours.

I just noticed it today. A few days ago I do not remember seeing the message at all.

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New reply from support:

Oof, it’s 25 messages EVERY 3 hours
THIS IS A BIG DOWNGRADE from before (50 messages every 3 hours)
What a bummer

So, OpenAI can get away with this (this is the key, please pay attention):
“We will continue to adjust the cap depending on demand and system performance.”
“We appreciate your patience and understanding as we scale up”

(while keeping the “price” up). So, you burden your customers using word salad and hide behind your user guideline and lower your performance, huh? Even when you already lots of backing and I don’t believe that you don’t have the funds and the infrastructure… this is some BS