Does anyone know how to delete the fine tuning models I created?

I don’t see any delete button.

There were similar topic on the forum and as I remember, there is no way to do it. But I suggest you search the forum for more details.

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I can also confirm that it is not possible to delete them. Agree though that it would be a useful functionality.

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Those are logs from the training runs. Delete the model with api calls, check the list of available models and it will be gone, but these logs hang around.

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Yes - I think we just tend to think of it as one and the same. The deletion in the background via API calls is of limited value if the corresponding logs are not deleted as well (my opinion). It’s becoming challenging as your list of finetuned models grows.

Due to experimentation etc. I have nearly 30 logs in my list by now. As I can’t even relabel them, it becomes difficult to maintain a practical overview.

couldn’t agree more, makes no sense.