Does anyone else find or figure out issues and then ask LLMs to see if they answer them correctly?

I don’t really trust LLMs to find non-obvious ideas or solutions to things*, like how to show the toolbar on Google Docs, when the document takes up the whole width and height of the page and I don’t see anything else like the toolbar. I’ve tried asking LLMs first many times but they don’t get the answers right. I had to figure this out on my own, the issue was the URL: it was, I had to take “preview” out and showed the whole page with the toolbar.

I ask GPT 4o about it 4 times: “I opened a Google doc in a webpage and the width takes up the whole screen and I can’t see the toolbar, how can I see the toolbar?”, 2 of them with a screenshot of the page, and it provided similar answers. Even when I wrote variations of the phrase “Those ideas didn’t solve the problem” in each chat. I did it twice in Gemini with the screenshot and same thing.

* despite some people reporting that they’re good with creative writing, but maybe that doesn’t correlate with its tech support abilities.