Document editing cycle flawed

Hey Everyone

tried to post a loom video and link the GPT here but the forum told me I couldn’t post links. which is weird, but anyway
I built a personal trainer GPT call Schwartzy which logs workouts, weight and also recomends workouts based on my equipment
I worked with the GPT to build an xls file with like 5 tabs, and I wanted it to ‘add’ a log whenever I came back from a workout and told it what I did. Only when I ask it for the file to see what it logged, half the time it seems to break the file. If I try to upload a particular file and update it, it updates it on it’s back end but I can’t tell if it actually keeps a live file or if it regenerates something a bit arbitrarily. This morning I logged a weight, asked it for the file and it did log it, but then it gave me a file that only had the one tab on weight and had somehow deleted all the other tabs. I told it to correct itself and it did, but it seems like back and forth file editing is a bit flawed
Tips? fix?