Do charity or nonprofits get any priority on the waitlist?

I am trying to see if there is any priority given to certain categories of requests. I am trying to build tools for our Foster Community. It would be nice if there could be a little priority for projects that are not just for profit, but for the community. If so, what would I need to do. I’m already on the waitlist. We are not big or even great developers, just looking to try and improve the system in our area for these children. Do not think we would use much of your data or whatever the limits are. We would be insignificant in relation to alot of builders. Time is always an issue with these children. And any time we save is important. Also any ideas or advice would be appreciated.

Hey Jason, there’s no priority currently being given to non-profits but I can connect you with the OpenAI for all team which works with non-profits.

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