Do a session chat consume so many Memory?

Hello everyone,

I’m using chatGPT and purchase the plus to help me improve my coding skills, lesson, etc.

So i started a session that would become as my mentor and also note everytime i learn something

But after a long journey, there’s something that disturb me, it’s so laggy when i try to send a chat, and also the response, i thought that was my friend’s laptop that lag and the internet connection, so then i dont really care, but a few days back, the lag is very frustating me, i feel that my laptop is not that bad to send a chat and my connection is fine. Then i realize something that a new session chat is smooth as usual, so i ask their CS and still on reviewing my issue. But while they’re doing on it, i take a look on task bar, and holy crap one page consume 500MB (on idle mode, or not doing request and response) until 1,2GB (while sending chat and waiting their response, depending on the chat context, if it’s complex )

i tried a “test” and it took about 10seconds just to response, and consume 700mb

Do you guys also have the issue like me here? or do you all have a solution?