Display Cost in Fine Tunes API

The previous fine tunes API would show the cost in the 2nd event that came through in fine tunes, but now the new v1 API does not show the cost at all, unless I have just missed it somehow.

Would be great to have this back. I’m building a fine tuning platform called Fine Tuna and would love to be able to display the actual cost of the fine tuning like before.

If its actually showing up somewhere and I’ve just totally missed it, please let me know! Thanks.

Welcome to the community @condor-shelf-0t

You can use this formula for the cost estimation along with the data formatting script:

base cost per 1k tokens * number of tokens in the input file * number of epochs trained


@sps, I understand that you can estimate them, but the previous version of the API would state the true cost of the fine tune, and I thought it was nice to have. Hoping it can be added back in to the new API

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