Didn't get a 'waitlist' email for plugins

When the plugins first came out, I submitted to the waitlist. Looking back though, I cant find the waitlist email response.

Is this normal, or do I need to re-submit to the waitlist, potentially messing up my spot in the queue?

Same for me. I am getting the chatGPT Plus invoices in the mail no problem. Just the waitlist is not working.

I also signed up for the waiting list months ago and never received a confirmation email, but now I did and I received the email saying I am on the waiting list for all three options available (navigation, code interpreter, and third-party plugins). However, according to the new update in the release notes, next week all those who pay for Chat GPT Plus will have access to all the beta tools and we might no longer need to sign up for the waiting lists to wait for approval to use plugins.

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