Did openai read reviews or just ignore everthing and just pull chatgpt-3.5 like new versions

So mutch, is many reviews about openai,but most i trust this website:
trustpilot or just type google search openai reviews, first link if you dont see trustpilot, can be fake reviews xD and company paid google to get search result top1 xD
but on trustpilot openai is with 2.1 star only xD

first questions: who working on openai company,did you read reviews to improve openai system? 2.1 star on openai who do nothing,like more you making random code, who have command → responde xD

i buy team openai plan, i have access most ai model, but all model like more chatgpt-3.5 2022 :joy: i didnt see differences from paid or free versions xD

ik this topic anyway is useless,but on openai is wast of money xD if you can’t improved openai just close buisness and stop scamming ppl with latest ai who working like free versions only options is you can add images, but still AI dont care if you upload images or provide with code and error line,he will give you back your own code xD