Did i need 2 cards for using chat gpt and the api?

Hey my card was alltimes declined when try to add it as my payment method to th api. so i read that i need two cards for different accounts but does that include the api and chant gpt combi? i dont w<nt to get another card just for using chat gpt + api. Otrher payment methods as paypal klarna etc. are also not supported. Does open ai suppport vcc’s?
also other posts with the same issue will just getting closed with no answer provided.
I also was written the support 2 times and getting no answer.

The answer is that you do not need two cards for two different accounts and neither do you need two cards for ChatGPT and the API.
It’s likely some issue with your card or with the issuer of the card. Thus using a VCC will very likely not help either.

I don’t know your case and nobody but help.openai.com can solve your issue.

Hope this helps somewhat.

unfortuantely not rly. i was also calling my bank and they sayd its on open ai’s side → no problems on my card. also the normal chat gpt sub is no problem

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Are you using a VPN? Does your IP match your card location? Might be stricter requirements for things like Zipcode and what-not to match for the API?