Did I Miss The Boat?

Some while ago I coded out a WYSIW… interface so that a non-techie could train Davinci GPT3.

I made it so that a human could write utterances, intents, provide chat history, pass pre-defined variables, set triggers, write descriptions, create flows, extended questions, receive database response triggers back etc etc. And then be able to submit these, edit these, delete these as and when required as they built up their training data. Tested it, worked like a charm.

Ive come back to the project now only to find that all the endpoints are now broken and none of the parameters are actually a thing anymore.

So, did I miss the boat? Can someone point me towards the new documentation that replaces this stuff? Is there still a legacy edition somewhere I can still use?

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The endpoint addresses are the same as before, except for searches, where they are deprecated, but there have been some changes in the outputs.

Following links may be helpful:

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Cheers Kevin, Im connected ok. Just seems to me that GPT-3 previously was well set up for you to build a customer service bot that you could then easily keep focused on the role you wanted it to play by providing it with the necessary fluid context on a client as the situation changed. Whereas the new completion/models classes and training aren’t as geared so much towards that type of role anymore. Or so I believe.

Aka the training prompts now seem more aimed at you providing a mass of general data about a [subject matter] that might be common to all users rather than you being able to create bespoke scenarios (with client information gathered from a database) and then letting the chat bot provide that specific information to the user on demand.

I mean, I might be wrong, and this might all be nonsense, but im just picking this back up after a long lay-off and am fumbling about in the dark somewhat. I mean, can you even still use the old engines, statements and queries or are they completely discontinued now?

Sure you can use the old engines(now models). The first model of Davinci 2020-05-03 is still the same as before, and you can still use it as a starting point for training.

OLD/Deprecated: https://api.openai.com/v1/engines
OLD/Deprecated: https://api.openai.com/v1/engines/{engine_id}

NEW: https://api.openai.com/v1/models
NEW: https://api.openai.com/v1/models/{model}
NEW: https://api.openai.com/v1/fine-tunes/{fine_tune_id}

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Cheers Guru. Don’t suppose you know if you can still pass hidden_prompts, history or custom variables as well do you?

I don’t know anything about these variables and I don’t think there have been any such variables before. My suggestion is to put them all together in the prompt as one string in body json. For fine-tuning head over the following document: