Development: Post Request / Confirmation Flow Details

Has anyone seen the details on confirmation flows? I’m definitely not able to send post requests.

After some detailed debugging of the YAML, checking the api logs, and prompting, I received confirmation from the model that it was unable to send post requests as directed.

Naturally, I went to the docs.

Plugins > Plugin flow:
“* When a user asks a relevant question, the model may choose to invoke an API call from your plugin if it seems relevant; for POST requests, we require that developers build a user confirmation flow.”

I can’t find anything else on this. Has anyone had any success with POST requests or have a better understanding of what Confirmation Flow is?

I’m looking at some of the things that the Plugin Store apps are doing and they are either majorly contorting the GET request or POST access is limited within having access to plugins.

If anyone from OAI is reading this, it would be SO AWESOME if you could enable the user copy/paste tokens mentioned in the plugin user auth docs.

Thanks! Especially if I missed something obvious.