Developing contextual influencer focused writing copilot

Hi all! I am creating a browser extension for LinkedIn and Twitter influencers: Flutant.

It’s basically gets your generative AI right within twitter and linkedin. AND it automatically creates content based on the context.

So if you’re commenting on a post or a tweet, it will help you generate the right content to drive up your audience and engagement.

Please help me build it right. Any feedback is welcome. If you want to learn about how I built this, happy to answer any questions too!

To test it out, please search for “Flutant”

I searched for that:
Flu + tant:

  • “Flu” is a commonly used abbreviation for influenza, a viral infection that causes respiratory illness.
  • In French, “tant” means “so much” or “so many.” So, “Flutant” in French could be understood as “so much flu” or “so many flus,” which could also carry negative health connotations.

Amplifying the power of “influencers”? I would have to decline.


Looks great and congrats on launching!

What did you use for the backend and prompting? Do you have any retrieval in there?