Developing Bot for guiding user to troubleshoot devices

I have a html file which shows how to troubleshoot routers, printers. Based on selection it shows other options and keep on guiding the user and finally land to solution.
For example: If user select printer Then we say like:
Ok, is it power on? Or what is the color of the indicator? Then we give two buttons like:
POwer is On Indicator is Red.
Suppose user selects Indicator is Red then we guide and give some options which are buttons. It works like this.
But I want to automate this task with GPT and user only need to enter text and GPT will understand the content and answer it.
How can I make this possible?

What I tried:

  1. I tried more than 10 prompts with shifting content to the PDF and using that with similarity search. But what is happening is the solution of printer and router coming at same time by intermixing from GPT side.
  2. I don’t have enough QA for fine-tuning. And I don’t know how feasible it is as I don’t have Question and Answers and it need a lot of it.

Please guide if you encountered something like this or have any idea?

First, know what is the main concern (e.g. router, printer), via user selecting some button from the start or you check their message.

Second, now that you know their concern, using embedding or just plain looking up for files, etc., append the troubleshooting procedure for the main concern to the system prompt. this should be persistent through out the session. you tell the bot to follow the procedure step by step.

Like I have used this solution previously where less tokens are used. But the levels in this troubleshooting is so much and the content is really huge. Like it goes up to 2-3 pages for each device configuration. When I did it my cost is up to $0.3 per question for gpt-4. gpt-3 cant even process this with such great intelligence.
But I am really thankful that you replied.