Definition AI. Translator Human-Machines-Human language. Theory of AI

Hello, is very interesting AI theory, bat is more dangerous comparatives Nuclear Bombs in hand of primitives peoples.

If we not fired in next 20 years from effect of global warming ( result of technology progress), we can died from War ( witch more nuclear bomb), who is desired from More countries.
Analogue in sort time can to be witch AI.

I think this theory not need realised, people’s need to life in harmony with nature.

I independent long time back work, and make theoretical realisation in AI theory (in my opinion is fundamental, my realisation posible different comparatives works of Mr Geoffrey H.)

Few times I communicate with Chat GPT 3,5 from OPENAI. I was fascinated. Sometimes he give me answers I think who not can to be from robots. I think about some experiments who can demonstrate if GPT have conscience or not.

  • Who is definition AI ?

  • How make Translator Human - Machines - Human languages, who is principles to works Translator for Machines easy understand Human, and Human languages understand easy Machines ???

  • How building Artificial Intelligence ? ( not need building Artificial Intelligence)

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